Investment Funding


When you look at the big picture, it’s clear that saving alone won’t lead to financial independence. It’s investing that tips the scales.

If you consider that approximately 20% of our population buy an investment property, and half of these sell within the next five years, it’s important to us that we get it right for you!

Whether you are looking to diversify your property portfolio or simply wanting funds for other investment strategies, at Diverse Financial Solutions our team of specialists understand diversity and strategy.

We not only offer lending products to suit most budgets but services to help you avoid some of the common pitfall of investing.

Things to be aware of :

  • Choosing a property that lenders like
  • Knowing your lending and exposure levels
  • Understanding types of properties in terms of risk and their impact your capital growth potential and resale value.
  • Cash flow analysis
  • Who’s buying – You, your company, family trust or a Self-Managed Super Fund?
  • What’s your focus – tax benefits, high yields or capital growth?
  • Whatever form your investing takes, we secure loans that allow solutions to build your portfolio further.